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Cedar Waxwings by Mary Fran

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Donating is easy! Just fill out the form to the left or call (866) 989-BIRD.

Celebrate Urban Birds' accomplishments in 2013:

Youth interns created 25 conservation projects.

More than 100 low-income, inner-city youth visited the Cornell Lab to learn about birds and careers in conservation science.

We worked with more than 200 students through regional workshops to connect youth with nature.

Participants submitted nearly 3,000 photos, drawings, stories, and poems for our seasonal online challenges.

We funded 15 neighborhood events that used the arts and greening to raise conservation awareness.

We distributed more than 20,000 Celebrate Urban Birds kits to organizations working in urban areas.

Celebrate Urban Birds events attracted 118,252 participants and involved 997 partner organizations, and 88% were in underserved communities.

We partnered with Walmart and Pennington Wild Bird Food to distribute free Celebrate Birds kits to 2,500 teachers.

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Cornell Lab FY13 Expenditures

Expenditure Piechart for fiscal year 2013 through June 30;